Sunday, November 05, 2006
RSA 11/06/2006
I've really get to start updating the show site after I've had lunch and actually woken up. It's not easy trying to think before I've even finished up my first cup of tea. But that doesn't matter, we've got an excellent show for you with lots of new stuff from the various EBM genres for you. Everything from the aggro to the synth-club dancey stuff I love so much.

Access Zero - These Things They Fall Apart
The first act this week is a genuinely new band. It looks like my buddy Elias formerly from Dubok has teamed up with Steve and Yana from The Azoic to bring us "Access Zero". While I miss the "Funkiness" of Dubok, this is some damn fine EBM.

Seabound - Scorched (Rotersand)
Got my hands on some exclusive remixes from the new Seabound disc "Double Crosser". Rotersand scorches the ground with a neat remix. Next week we may even have tracks from the new disc itself.

Painbastard - Tear Apart
There's something about the melody of this track that does something for me. Note my poor attempt at imitating it, and sounding more like "The System is Down" by Homestar Runner. The DJ is grounded.

Heimataerde - Verflucht
Nice and aggro for those that prefer the stompy club-aggressive stuff. Complete with my contractually obligated mangling of the word "Verflucht." Actually, I think I did a number on the band name too.

Noisuf-X - My Time (Dioxyde)
I quite like Dioxyde. Rhythmic noise that even I enjoy. They've done a pretty darn good remix of "My Time" giving us a nice instrumental stomp fest.

Kartagon - Pure Love (Exilanation)
Kartagon is more straight up synthpop, but they've been given a nice bouncy EBM beat and the tempo has been upped a bit. Surprisingly, thats the original vocals. Kartagon has a rather rough vocal style compared to the music. It works well.

Capsize - Not Alone (Silica Gel)
I've gotten a few remixes by "Silican Gel" lately, and this doesn't disappoint. I'm going to have to give them a bit more extra scrutiny and play a few more I think. Straight up synthpop dance remix for us!

Frozen Plasma - Warmongers (Extended)
I don't honestly see the difference between Frozen Plasma and Namnambulu in this track, but thats OK. I quite enjoy both bands.

Check it out!