Monday, November 20, 2006
RSA 11/20/2006
The waiting is finally over. After a week of "lying" to you, I have the indie show for you. Not all of the songs are as polished as some of the stuff you've heard, but there's some definite promise in there as well as a couple of established acts to round out the show. It goes without saying that for the most part I don't know much about the bands being played, so I'll probably be a little terse this week.

Cybercide - Searchlight
Here's some pretty straightforward "futurepop" for you all. One thing that makes this stand out fairly well is that the vocals are quite well done.

Seraph 49 - Gravity
I *almost* didn't give this much of a listen. Inkjet printed CD covers generally mean "done in my moms basement". But I would have missed out some good stuff with understated vocals.

Seabound - The Promise
OK, obviously Seabound isn't indie. I chose this one because it seems somewhat different from the typical Seabound output. It actually *kinda* reminds me of the first Angels & Agony disc.

Saints Of Eden - So Near
OK, word to the wise. Don't start out with vocals right at the beginning of the song. It does kinda limit mixing. At least for me. I'm pretty sure these guys are from the UK. I'd almost call this "proto-goth EBM".

Stochastic Theory - Here (Caustic)
Hey Fanale. Where's my show ya bastid? :) Here's a neat track from Stochastic Theory that has been "noised" up a bit with distorted beats and vocals. More like they're clipping than put through effects. Interesting.

Auto Auto - Backstabber
I like the videogame-esque melody in this song. I swear to god though, the guys from Auto Auto are either really young or I'm really old.

Flux - Electric Woman (Remix)
I can't tell you much about Flux other than they were kind enough to send a couple of CD singles along a week or two back. They're from Finland, that much I know!

Empty - Blue (Angel Theory)
A little on the slower side, Empty sent me their "Aeon Eon" disc and it's quite promising!

Check it out!