Monday, January 01, 2007
RSA 01/01/2007
Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to me! Someone obviously knew what I wanted for my birthday. An American powernoise DJ wrapped up in female health products. I lay awake at night thinking of Matt Fanale, and then get up and make sure the doors are locked. He is, of course, the band Caustic, and has put together a show highlighting some of the best stuff going on in noise right now!

A bit of a warning though (and Matt is nice enough to start the show with a warning like this) this weeks RSA contains strong language (and Keef Baker). Because of this, we recommend headphones if you're at work or something. Because of the Keef Baker, we recommend Carling and Kebabs be consumed while listening. I'm not even going to mention what you should do because this show has a Caustic theme. Something about Emmanuel Lewis...

I'm going to let Matt comment on the tracks if he so wishes, and then re-visit this post and edit it. Enoy!

C/A/T - We Make Music To Piss You Off
Prometheus Burning - Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken
W.A.S.T.E. - I Don't Give A Fuck
Displacer - Flying Snow (keef baker mix)
Monolith - Al Ahali (club mix)
ESA - Cutslut
The Operative - People Like Her Are Poison
Caustic - Bugchaser

Enjoy the show!