Friday, June 08, 2007
RSA Statistics
So who the heck listens to RSA anyway?

I got bored this afternoon and went through my logs and stats for RSA. First, lets have a peek at the RSS feed:

Stats since day 1. We're slowly but surely trending upwards. The interesting bit is the lull each year which just about exactly corresponds with Christmas. Things also drop ever so slightly over the summer as students head home or outside for the summer. It's nice to see we're up to about 250 listeners a day just through RSS.

Back in the day of painfully low amounts of bandwidth (as in, how many gigs can be transferred a month under hosting plans) I used a rudimentary form of load balancing by splitting the content of the show over,, and Most of the actual content, you know, the radios shows, are stored on "" these days. With the PHP and HTML stored on For the month of May 2006 there were 16170 hits on the MP3 files and 2672 on the WMA files.

Thats 18,842 listens for the month. This seems to be about right, we tend to pick up a couple of hundred listeners a month, and much like the above graph, if I were to graph it out it'd look about the same. Slowly trending up. However, I'm too lazy to actually do the graph. But we're already into "summer" weather now. Back in February the total was at 26,275. Beleive me, the weather does make a difference.

Not that it really means very much (this is all HTML/PHP/Image files), but here are the stats for for May 2007:

Successful requests: 257,210
Successful requests for pages: 74,529
Failed requests: 844 (22)
Redirected requests: 26,297
Distinct files requested: 14,041
Distinct hosts served: 11,044

For may we chewed through 204GB of traffic. Can't tell you about February though, stuff doesn't get tracked back that far. But statistics would suggest that it would be something like 285GB.

Have I bored you yet?