Sunday, December 16, 2007
RSA 12/17/2007
Strangely, in a fit of efficiency I've managed to get so far ahead on my shows that I had to listen to this one again to remember what it was all about. Oh yeah, it's all about the amazingly good new Solitary Experiments CD. Plus a few comp tracks and some remixes. Good stuff all around!

Solitary Experiments - Odyssey Of Mind (Negative Format)
Back And To The Left - Misstep (A23)
Davantage - Split & Shatter (Hazy Clouds)
Faderhead - Dirty Girls Dirty Bois (Modulate)
Diskonnekted - Adrenaline (Endzeit)
Absurd Minds - Herzlos (SITD)
Supreme Court - Jealous Man
Isis Signum - Destroy The Wall (Dysko Dynamics) - Snow sucks.