Monday, February 25, 2008
RSA 02/25/2008
What a long, strange trip the 2008 membership drive has been. This is your last chance to get your name up in the list with the other generous supporters of RSA, and to give a wee bit of incentive, here's another nice long show for you all!

Statemachine - I'm Love (Club)
Echo Image - Neverending Land (Echozide)
Re/Work - Never Seen Tomorrow
Tylok - Mysterious Girl
De/Vison - Your Hands On My Skin '98
Haujobb - Antimatter
Sero Overdose - Rain (Delobbo)
And One - Life Isn't Easy In Germany
!Bang Electronica - Gib Vollgas
Spektralized - Learn And Teach
Negative Format - Static (Headscan)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Enjoy The Silence
State Of The Union - Fall From Grace
Girls Under Glass - Minddriver

Check it out!