Sunday, January 25, 2009
RSA 01/26/2009
It's strange how things become traditions. A few years back I asked Matt Fanale of the band Caustic to do a noise show for us all. I don't really care much for the genre, but I know others do, and it's best served if someone who likies this sort of stuff does it rather than someone who doesn't. But here we are with the 3rd installment of "Fanale goes RSA" with your annual dose of noise. Remember, next week the membership drive begins!

Caustic - Bacia La Capra
Prometheus Burning - Mother of Abominations
Endif - Between Two Worlds
Keef Baker - MintyMart Overdraft
Marching Dynamics - Bizarro Datura
SAM - Mono Tone
Sincekt - BTKOTB
W.A.S.T.E.- Assassin

Check it out!