Sunday, May 10, 2009
RSA 05/11/2009
Welcome once again to listeners month! This weeks show was chosen by someone I'm not really familiar with unlike last week, a listener by the name of Cassi! I am going to go under the assumption that she's a she, and say she picked some somewhat recent tracks. The one thing they all have in common is that they;'re all darn good! Interestingly enough she also chose the same Blaqk Audio track that Vance did last week. Maybe I'm missing something here... Make sure you get in on the listeners month! Be sure to email me your play list!

Diary Of Dreams - She
Girls Under Glass - Minddiver
Lights Of Euphoria - Fading Moments (Namnambulu)
State Of The Union - Unforgiving Time
Technoir - Manifesto (Negative Format)
Wideband Network - The Silence (Burufunk)
Laudanum - Wonder
Nevarakka - Baby Let Me Know

Check it out!