Sunday, May 17, 2009
RSA 05/18/2009
Welcome once again to listeners month! This weeks show was chosen by someone who has been with us listening for quite some time, Elijah Damien Davis. He picked a lot of recent tracks, and even sent me a list that was much longer than requested. Came in handy, gave me lots to choose from! I find it interesting how where there is Caustic, The Gothsicles aren't fare behind (and vice versa!). Make sure you get in on the listeners month! Be sure to email me your play list!

Die Form - Her(t)z Frequenz
Grendel - The Judged Ones
Assemblage 23 - Madmans Dream
Ashbury Heights - Stormbringer (Aerial)
Stray - Intoxicate
The Gothsicles - Nine Dudes Freaking Out
Caustic - Lady Business
Informatik - My True Love

Check it out!