Monday, March 29, 2010
RSA 03/29/2010
It's now official that all of the prizes from last months membership drive have been mailed out. It took me a bit of extra time, but you shoulda seen the look on the guy at the post offices face yesterday. This week we delve into some new stuff, and I start going through the stack of indie CDRs that has been growing on my desk for a few months.

Nachtmahr - Moerder (C_A_T)
Caustic - Appetite For Distraction
XP8 - Drop The Mask
Mind In A Box - Supremacy
Level 2.0 - Invincible (Cryogen 2)
Velvet Acid Christ - Tripped Out
CTRL - Lost In Static
God Module - A Minute To Midnite (SHIV-R)

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