Sunday, May 09, 2010
RSA 05/10/2010
Now that I've had a week back, I've managed to get things fixed up and cleaned up around here. Many thanks go out to both Trevor and Chris for helping me wrap my head around some stuff. I also want to make mention that we're going to start on listeners month next week! Write up a list of 10 tracks and I'll try my darndest to make an RSA out of them, listen to this weeks show for details!

God Module - A Minute To Midnight
Psy'Aviah - Sweet Hard Revenge
Code 64 - Game Over
Lyronian - Matthew The Clown (Addict)
Lost Area - Lies
Shiv-R - Map The Feedback
System Syn - Curtain Call
Minerve - Hold Me Tight

Real Synthetic Audio