Monday, May 31, 2010
RSA 05/31/2010
Welcome to week 3 of the really-off-from-the-calendar listeners month. This week the show was picked out by listener, Nicole Zaretski. She's picked a really great selection of fairly recent Synthpop, and this show was a joy to do! I've gotten a few submissions, but there's only 1 more week left so make sure you get yours in. Be creative, try for a theme, your 10 favorite bands, whatever it may be, write down your 10 tracks, email the list to me, and I'll make a show out of it!

Rupesh Cartel - Hide Like This (Club)
Clan Of Xymox - Weak In My Knees (Grendel)
Rename - In Different Things (Club)
Tiger Baby - At Least I'm Honest
Backlash - Lodestar
Deine Lakaien - Into My Arms (Derek Von Krogh)
Elegant Machinery - Move (Reconnected)
Dignity of Labour - Vinyl Bliss

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