Monday, January 09, 2012
Real Synthetic Audio - 01/09/2012
Hello and welcome to 2012! The year that we all fall into gaping chasms in the earth with John Cusack. We ease into the first show of 2012 with the traditional guest show as Todd gets used to the idea of working again, both on the day job and RSA. We have a great show guest hosted by Chris as he goes through some really awesome unreleased (as of yet) cover tracks.

Technomancer - Paranoia
Alpha Point - Try To Forget
Unique Strain - Es Ist Vorbei ft. Miavie
Foretaste - X Me
Torul - In Whole (Nor Frais Remix)
Mental Discipline - M.F.A.P.L.
Minerve - Here Comes The Rain Again
Diskodiktator - Never Trust A Klingon

Real Synthetic Audio