Tuesday, July 31, 2018
RSA 07/30/2018
Summer hours continue for at least another 6 weeks as we get closer to the fall and we begin to realize that the summer can't last forever. But that just leaves more time for me to work on things that really matter, like working on a great new RSA each week! We're also getting closer and closer to our next milestone, 1000 shows! Stay tuned for an extra special extravaganza!

Wumpscut - Ich Will Dich (Remaster)
Implant - Oxynoxe (Metroland)
Melotron - Menschen
Aiboforcen - Tears (Aesthetische)
De/Vision - Not In My Nature
Evo-Lution - Deadly Game
Darkness On Demand - Quicksand
Sirus - Scumsucker