Monday, August 06, 2018
RSA 08/06/2018
There's nothing quite like a long weekend, especially when its a Canadian long weekend and I know that all of our American friends have to go to work today. This makes RSA #998, so only 2 more weeks to go until the 1000th episode spectacular! But man am I glad that got this show done a couple of days ago. Its so hot up here that I'm moving from one air conditioned room to the other as quickly as I can!

Melotron - Wo Ist Dein Problem
Basic Instinct - Attraction
Wumpscut - Wreath Of Barbs (Remaster)
For All The Emptiness - In Service To The Gods
Helix - Expensive Things
The Second Sight - Tomorrow (2018)
Any Second - Seelenhugel (Mondtraume)
Digital Geist - Lovely Day (Neotek)