Sunday, May 03, 2020
RSA 05/04/2020
Another week of staying indoors, running around and pretending I'm not stir crazy. Couple that with an impromptu visit to the hospital (I'm fine) leads to RSA being a little later than I like. But its a beautiful day outside in Toronto, and I have to get my responsibilities to you taken care of before I can go outside and sit on the grass for a few minutes!

Suppressor - A traves de una Profunda Conciencia
Nuit Noire - Iron Will Be Forever Stained
Vyrtual Zociety - Sci Fi Citizen (Nordika)
Analogue-X - Another Time (Techni-ka)
Endanger - Blood Red Roses
Probe - Tension (Boss vs. Machine)
Neurobash - Reminder
Outsized - Memories (Midnight Resistance)