Monday, November 27, 2006
RSA 11/27/2006
Sorry about the show being a little late this week, but work is very hectic at this time of year and it gets somewhat hard to balance out my time. But it's still Monday for something like another 10 hours so I'm not *that* late! Lots of great new stuff for you this week!

Again, this'll be a short update with no lengthy descriptions. Too little time this week!

Interface - Escape (Momentum)
Digital Geist - Red Techno
Minerve - Clear (Alchemist)
Access Zero - Lost Among The Reign
Silica Gel - Dime Por Que (Briz)
Nebula-H - Andalusion (Panagea)
The Retrosic - Silence
Nun - Stop! (Single Edit)

Enjoy the show!