Sunday, December 03, 2006
RSA 12/04/2006
What do you know, I actually got the show done on time. It's amazing what just a little bit of free time will do for you. Neat show this week with a lot of bands that I really, really like including a band we haven't played here since 2001. I honestly thought it was even longer than that too! Hope you're looking forward to the annual best of show for 2006!

Digital Geist - Earworm (No Light Guides Us)
Digital Geist reminds me of something. The music sounds very familiar, but I just can't place it. It certainly does make me think about the techno I used to listen to back in 1992-1995, and thats definately a good thing.

Apoptygma Berzerk - Tune In To The Frequency Of Your Soul (Drugwar)
This has to be the longest song title I've ever had to type. So that makes two ways APB is annoying me these days! I could have swore I played the original of this track but "Computer says no. Cough."

Frozen Plasma - Lift The Veil
Still reminding me of Namnambulu to a very large degree. I just look at this band as a continuation of the old project now. There's really very little difference or variation right down to the excessive remixing. Good track, but we've heard it half a dozen times now with different names.

Conetik - Suzanne (Remix)
Here's a nice mid-tempo chill out sort of track for you. No real new ground being broken here, but it's definitely a catchy way to sing about an ex or something.

Impact Pulse - Without Fear (Nothing Nada)
Somewhat similar to the Conetik track, which is probably why they went together fairly well. Can't tell you much else other than they're Hungarian and don't really have a web site yet.

The Retrosic - The Lucky Ones
Here's a bit of growly goodness for you. Can't let you think that all we play is synthpop around here.

Cryo - The Pain (Iambia)
Interesting track in that they've managed to sound somewhat menacing, yet keep a nice danceable beat in there. Probably the best track from the new disc of theirs.

KMFDM - Light
I honestly thought I'd never play KMFDM on RSA again. I was even suprised to see that I played them as late as 2001. Well, it's been remastered and re-issued and I found myself listening to this track a number of times, so it needs to get played here.

Check it out!