Sunday, December 24, 2006
RSA 12/25/2006
Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to what is one of the most difficult and the most fun shows of the year to do. This is where we go through all of the tracks played in 2006 and pick the 10 best. Well, this year it was so difficult I could only narrow it down to 14. So I played all 14! Have a safe and happy holidays, and we'll see you in 2007!

Lost Signal - Drowning
Well it took him bloody long enough, but Chuck finally has a new disc out. 5 years? Who waits 5 years between albums? Thats what too much Yeungling lager does to you folks. It's an excellent disc too, not as clubbish as before, but good.

Velvet Acid Christ - Ghost Regen (Fractured Coils)
I'll be honest, I haven't really been a VAC fan since "Fun with..." back in 1999. Sadly, the new single for Wound isn't really an exception, but this one track there makes up for the plodding slowness of the rest of the disc. Kinda reminds me of a video game soundtrack, and it's really grown on me.

Access Zero - Years Of Wasted Time
It looks like my buddy Elias formerly from Dubok has teamed up with Steve and Yana from The Azoic to bring us "Access Zero". While I miss the "Funkiness" of Dubok, this is some damn fine EBM.

Code 64 - Sea Of Stars
Here's like the fist of several "Chris Tracks" for this year. He played it first, and damned if this isn't good stuff!

Capsize - We Are Wimps (DJ Ram)
There's just something about this band that *really* does something for me. Very, very good vocals for one. That and the subject matter for this track is actually quite interesting. Good lyrics. This disc gets two thumbs up over here.

Minerve - My Universe (Club)
...and the second Chris Track. I'd reccomend you all check out the show he did on January 23rd 2006, as well as the other on May 1st/April 30th.

State Of The Union - Fall From Grace
I heart vocoded vocals in this style. Take that and add a really good synth/EBM track to it and you've got a happy DJ Todd.

Pow(d)er Pussy - Universalpussynation
I'll admit. I'm not a huge fan of Powder Pussy. But this EP really did grow on me. It was noteworthy when I first listened to it, and it improved in my head rapidly as the year progressed.. At least it doesn't sample Cheech Marin.

Angel Theory - Black & Blue
Interesting percussive rhythm on this track. Kind of reminds me of the last good stuff that Decoded Feedback did (damn near 10 years ago). To be fair though, this really isn't representative of the album as a whole. Good track though, and I beleive there was a single or EP for this a while back. Angel Theory is also pretty good live BTW.

Exilanation - Infinity (Live Recorded)
Sounds like this track was recorded live in the studio. Nifty idea as it sounds great, while being slightly raw and spontaneous.

Cesium 137 - Eastern Sky
The only problem I have with the new Cesium disc is the way darn near each track starts. Makes it a little difficult to mix. But there's some neat harmonics in here, the vocals are top notch.

Conetik - Cold Star (Dead Eyes)
OK, Conetik seriously has me doing the "two thumbs up" bit. Especially with the cool "goth" lyrics. Another band that Chris has introduced us to and we're much better off for it.

Iris - Appetite (2006 Club)
The more I listen to this the more I like it. It's too bad it wasn't the original album track. Nice and dancey without feeling like the song has been filled out to a silly length just for the sake of extra beats.

Obscyre - Liebe Und Wahnsinn
The new Obscyre disc is damn hot. Again, like the And One in that it's different enough that it's difficult to mix, but well worth slapping at the end. Hopefully they'll start getting better distribution in North America soon.

Check out the show, and have a good rest of 2006!