Sunday, January 28, 2007
RSA 01/29/2007
Welcome to a very special episode of Real Synthetic Audio. Today we reach another milestone, as RSA celebrates another birthday. Today we turn 9 years old!

Back in January of 1998 I started this mess while working for a small consulting company. There wasn't enough work to do, and to keep myself busy I started playing around with the brand new technology of straming music on the Internet with Real Audio. Since the initial experiments, ham handed attempts at mixing on a computer, a complete loss for words on my part, and various changes in technology, RSA has blossomed into a properly formatted radio show that sounds both professional and irreverant at the same time.

Each week I sit down and spend several hours picking songs, importing them onto my PC, mixing them, adding my own brand of droll banality, and stuffing the end result onto my server for you all to listen to. There are weeks where I can't wait to do it. There are weeks that I have to drag myself to my workstation to just get it done. But despite the large amount of time and money I spend each year doing it I feel I'm much better off. I've done a service (I think) to the "scene" and I've met a lot of really great people.

Plus there are thousands of people out there, such as yourself, who listen to my show each and every week. Without you, there would be no point. Thanks!

This week we focus on a few requests, and some unusual tracks for RSA. Just a mix of stuff that I wanted to hear and you'll want to hear as well!

Velvet Acid Christ - The Dark Inside Her
Clan Of Xymox - There's No Tomorrow
Covenant - Luminal
Sun Project - Dance Of The Witches (1999)
Johann Bley - Stranded (Delta)
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis (Hardfloor 97)
Mechanical Horizon - Gottes Vergessenses (Hardfloor)
Statemachine - I'm Love (Club)
Icon Of Coil - Access & Amplify (Club)
Pride & Fall - December
Spektralized - Learn & Teach
This Morn Omina - N=FL

Check it out!