Sunday, February 04, 2007
RSA 02/05/2007
Welcome to the annual membership drive! Each year I beg you all for money to help cover the large costs associated with running RSA for a year. Hosting, Improvements, wear and tear on my sanity, and other things. This year we hope to continue posting all the MP3 shows online and bring back the forums. Only your help will make this possible. To help bribe you, we have many neat prizes that nearly everyone wins as well as some great music each week! This week I'd especially like to bring to your attention the amazing Genesis cover that Interface did!

Angels & Agony - Unison (Code 64)
PBC - Close Your Eyes
Les Anges de la Nuit - Marks Of Faith
Interface - Land Of Confusion
Children Within - Collective Minds (Covenant)
In Strict Confidence - Regicide (Flying Dagger)
Sero Overdose - Fire
Melotron - Vaterland

Check it out!