Sunday, March 25, 2007
RSA 03/26/2007
I apologise for there being no show last week, but illness forced me away. If you checked out the forums or the LJ community you would have been treated to a supplemental show by Chris, many thanks for that. All of the prizes have been mailed out, so check your mailbox! A quick note about the DVD though, I didn't label them this year because several people last year said they wanted to label it themselves, and this appeals to my lazy side.

Combichrist - Are You Connected
GASR - Heavy (GASR)
Heliosphere - Secrets In Motion
Alien#Six13 - Imagery Of Ecstacy (System 22)
OVNI - What Have I Done (XP8)
Girls Under Glass - Erinnerung (Livingdead)
Gridlock - Front
Trylok - Radioactivity

Check it out!