Tuesday, May 29, 2007
RSA 05/28/2007
Welcome to the fourth and final week of our annual listeners month! Sorry that the show is a little late, but as I've remarked on a number of occasions, sometimes life gets in the way. This week we have a great show for you, programmed by a guy who is probably our longest listening fan from Germany, Wolf-Ulrich Schnurr. He sent me quite a selection to choose from, so I hand picked my own personal favorites!

Drunkness - In 1999 (Club)
Edge Of Dawn - Elegance (On The Floor)
FOD - Liebesspielle
Kontrast - Prager Herbst
Autoaggression - A Thousand Fires
And One - Body Company
Welle Erdball - Wie Ein Telegramm
Future Trail - Escape (Freeware)

Check it out!