Sunday, July 15, 2007
RSA 07/16/2007
Originally I was just going to eat pizza and crash early tonight, but the magic of 'za has rejuvenated me and I decided to give my fellow night owls a bit of a treat and get the show posted. Mostly it's because I'm psyched about this weeks show, it's a reverse listeners month show. I picked the tracks and Chris did a lot of the mixing.

Supreme Court - Fainting Faces (Retractor)
Thermostatic - Private Machine (Mesh)
Minerve - My Universe (Iris)
Universal Poplab - I Could Say I'm Sorry (Thermostatic)
Suicide Commando - Torment Me (Solitary Experiments)
God Module - Undone
Grendel - Hate This
The Knife - Neverland

Check it out!