Sunday, August 26, 2007
RSA 08/27/2007
Crud. Vacation is over and night shifts have begun. Way to ruin my mood there life! But one sure fire way to get feeling good again is to play a whack of upbeat synth music. We've got both aggro and synthpop for you all this week. We'll try any angle to get everyone feeling good on a Monday!

Fake The Envy - Sweep Us All Away (Machine)
Lost Area - Soulhunter (Accessory)
Pride & Fall - The Painful Regret
Edge Of Dawn - The Flight (Andrew Sega)
Supreme Court - Never Again (Lights Of Euphoria)
Blank - Hellbound (Diskonnekted)
Accessory - Kein Vergessen (Pandique)
Raindancer - Sandman 2.0

Check it out!