Monday, September 03, 2007
RSA 09/03/2007
OK, so I'm waving a red flag right now, can't you see it? Welcome to the Labour Day edition of RSA. The one where I'm actually stuck at work and editing the site in notepad. This week we've gone back, way back into the recycling bin of back catalogue material to bring you a theme show of classic Coldwave!

Boris Mikulic - Break Free
Iron Lung Corp - Join In The Murderous Chant
Biopsy - CX State
Ministry - Smothered Hope
Templebeat - You Spin Me
Oomph - Augen Auf!
PWEI - Everythings Cool (Youth 7)
Birmingham 6 - Godlike
Killing Joke - Millenium (Cybersank Extended)
Unit 187 - Dead Dog (Open Surgery) - It's not just for breakfast anymore.