Sunday, December 02, 2007
RSA 12/03/2007
The year is another week closer to the end. Another week with a great show! We're almost at the annual "Best Of" show, and everything you hear from this point on counts towards 2008. But until then we have a great batch of new music for you sandwiched between a pair of live tracks!

Mesh - It Scares Me (Live)
X-Divide - I Don't Care (Trance Club)
Rename - Maybe Later I Will Dance All Night
Faderhead - Dirty Girls Dirty Bois (SITD)
Isis Signum - Symmetry Pt.2 (Strafbomber)
Echoing Green - Suffer (Club)
Lost Area - My Suicide (Euroside)
Covenant - Go Film (Live) - it scares me...