Sunday, June 01, 2008
RSA 06/02/2008
Welcome to listeners month! Each year we give you the listener a chance to program a months worth of RSA! This weeks picks were selected by Pete Crane, a long time listener and forum mate, who also happens to be one half of The Crystalline Effect. He's chosen some fairly recent nifty stuff, and much to his chagrin no Psytrance! As an aside, the shirts that everyone ordered will be in the mail to you tomorrow!

Implant - So Right (Sanka)
X-Dream - Try To Save Your Song
Negative Format - Momentum
Ivory Frequency - Clock Is Ticking Fast (Demo)
The Crystalline Effect - Jagged Edges (Adoxya)
Liquid Divine - Click
Destroid - Mourn
Headscan - Tomorrow Square

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