Monday, August 25, 2008
RSA 08/25/2008
OK, I deliberately waited until this morning to get the show out because I managed to pick up a wicked summer cold over the past few days and it went to nest in my throat. It's kinda hard to do the show when you sound like a frog thats been gargling drano and feel just about the same. Man, what a lovely visual. At any rate, we've got a great show for you this week as we eagerly anticipate the fall release schedule! Gotta get those CDs into the stores before Christmas!

Interface - North Star
Iris - Appetite (Intuition)
Arian 1 - Machine Gun (Digital Geist)
Nebula-H - Prince Of Darkness
The Dignity Of Labour - Liquid (Silica Gel)
Midnight Resistance - Edge Of Time
The Echoing Green - Sanctuary (A23)
XP8 - Ready To Go (Faderhead)

Check it out!