Sunday, January 18, 2009
RSA 01/19/2009
This weeks show is a little bit of a trip down memory lane. I've been listening to a lot of RSA shows from 2006 lately, and there were some really noteworthy tracks that year. When it came time to do the show this week, I couldn't help but add a couple for my own personal gratification. Just you wait though, only 2 more weeks to the membership drive and we've just added a few more prizes!

Nerve Filter - Stealth
Siva Six - Fire Walks With Me (Dark Soho)
Agonoize - Staatsfiend
Patenbrigade Wolff - Turmdrekhan
Capsize - We Are Wimps (DJ Ram)
Iris - Sorrow Expert (Crucible)
Captain Orange - Miss Grey (Dezeptive)
Combichrist - Spit

Real Synthetic Audio - Now it's time, almost time...