Monday, March 30, 2009
RSA 03/30/2009
First show I've done with the computer desk not sitting in my bedroom. Yay for being an adult! This week we bring you a great show of practically entirely new material. Next week might be a little late as I'll be in NYC for the most of the week. Something tells me they won't let me take my mic stand on the plane. I'd also like to mention that I'll be spinning on April 4th at Club Z in Toronto. Check the forum and the Facebook page for further information!

Covenant - We Want Revolution (Shok)
Red Flag - Run (Now Run)
Diffuzion - No Fear (Implant)
Illusion Of Light - Warum
The Azoic - Going Under (Cesium 137)
Millimetric - Suffoque (Equitant)
Experimental Haywire - Overrule (Pulse State)
Encephalon - Rise

Check it out!