Sunday, April 12, 2009
RSA 04/13/2009
No old songs stuck in my head this week, but instead we have a "sneak preview" of what the listeners month could be like. Chris sent me a list of great new music to check out, and I decided to treat it like a listeners month play list. All you have to do is make up a list of 10 tracks, email it to me, and if I choose it from the pile of lists I'll make a show out of it, grab a photo from you and tell everyone about your wonderful taste in music!

Neurobash - Nothing New
Frozen Plasma - Earthling (Feat. CP247)
Red Cell - Lust
Oil 10 - The Beast
Suicidal Romance - Lose Your Fears (XP8)
Syntphonic - Dirty (Borderline)
Vacuum - The Void (Filterfokker)
Lorena C - Sin Razon (Silica Gel)

Real Synthetic Audio - Check it out!