Monday, April 27, 2009
RSA 04/27/2009
This week I decided to go a little more up tempo and clubby. I thought I was grabbing a whack of tracks around 140 BPM, but it turns out my ear isn't what it used to be and the beat count was much lower. But it's the flow and the frame of mind thats important. Not the mathematics. Remember kids, next month is listeners month! Be sure to email me your play list!

Blutengel - Winter Of My Life 2.0
Suicidal Romance - Lose Your Fears (Massiv In Mensch)
Steinkind - Ich Bin Zuruck
Frozen Plasma - Earthling (DJ)
Combichrist - The Kill
VNV Nation - Interceptor (ABM)
(X)-RX - Stage 2
Sara Noxx - Superior Love (Funker Vogt)

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