Sunday, July 05, 2009
RSA 07/06/2009
Sorry about the lack of a show last week, but I figured I deserved a short break to coincide with our national holiday, Canada Day. I'm probably going to take a few other weeks off during the summer, but I'm going to plan ahead for them and get shows done in advance. Get ready for a summer of theme shows! If you have any ideas for theme shows, drop me a line! I'd like to hear about them!

The Cyberchrist Project - A Piece Of Me (Club)
VNV Nation - Art Of Conflict
Solitary Experiments - Static
Wynardtage - Seven Years
Legacy Of Music - Sacrifice (Angels & Agony)
Obscenity Trial - Ubers Wasser Gehen (Don't Dance)
Experiment Haywire - Mean Enough Hot Enough (Vicious)
Reizstrom - Dynamo (Stahlfrequenz)

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