Sunday, October 04, 2009
RSA 10/05/2009
Is it October already? It seems like it was just last month that I was moaning about what a cool wet spring it was, and now we're into a nice cool wet fall. We here in Toronto were robbed of a summer. Again. But all that lousy weather gives me plenty of time inside to get things like RSA done on time. This week we've got the award winning combination of the old and the new as one mix just sounded like a coke machine collapsing on GPO, so out it went and in came a couple of favorites of mine. Also, just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be DJing at Nocturne on October 31st with DJ Lazarus. Be sure to come out for a spooky good time!

Agonoize - Exitus
X-Fusion - Daily Dose
Phosgore - Killerhertz (Fabrikc)
System Syn - Like Every Insect
Lost Area - Soulfoe (Club)
Suicide Commando - Die Motherfucker Die
Arise-X - Ich Fress Dich Auf
Urceus Exit - Pretend (Alternate)

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