Tuesday, July 06, 2010
RSA 07/05/2010
I apologize for many things this week, first off for being a day late, as the docking station for my new notebook hasn't arrived it. This leads me to the second apology, as it sounds like I'm phoning the show in. The internal mic in this Lenovo leaves a lot to be desired. But the music is awesome as always!

Noisuf-X - Effeccctt
Shiv-R - Map The Feedback
Kant Kino - Forgotten Faces (Freakangel)
Impact Pulse - Til We Die (Massiv In Mensch)
Hocico - Dog Eat Dog (Aesthetic Perfection)
Implant - Violence (Studio-X Hardstyle)
Memmaker - Energon
Front Line Assembly - Shifting (Extended)

Real Synthetic Audio