Monday, December 13, 2010
RSA 12/13/2010
So with the office move done and the cold all taken care of, I'm now expected to do ym own show by myself. Drat, isn't there some excuse I can use for not getting it done? No. Well, the here's a great new set of brand new stuff for you, just in time for less than 2 weeks before Christmas!

Soman - Noistyle
Supercraft - Shiver & Burn (Exilnation)
Inertia vs. Mechanical Cabaret - Johnny, Remember Me (Cabaret)
F.P. - Lost Generation (Edit)
F.O.D. - Maschinetanz
Shiv-R - Dead Eyes
Edge Of Dawn - Up (A Cold Case)
Solitary Experiments - Rise and Fall (Lthrboots Hard)

Real Synthetic Audio