Tuesday, May 08, 2012
RSA 05/07/2012
It would appear that we have managed to seamlessly migrate over to the usual summer cycling season schedule. I forgot how much time riding all weekend takes up. But never fear, each and every week there will be an RSA waiting for you. Even during Kinetik weekend! Yup, for the first time in 10 years Todd is going to a festival. Can't pass up an opportunity to see SPOCK! Blitzmaschine - Was Hasst Du (Kreign MG-42) Suicidal Romance - Slave Slave (Shiv-R) Access Zero - Fever (Mastered) Stahlfrequenz - Mindcontrol Psy'Aviah - Wired Life Psionic - Self Revelation (Nachtmahr) Grendel - Conflict Instigation Zero-EQ - Song In Your Eyes http://synthetic.org/