Wednesday, June 13, 2012
RSA 06/11/2012
Well, you can tell that Todd is on vacation. After finishing the show yesterday I thought "I'll finish the site update after dinner." Well, after a calorie laden completely unhealthy dinner I lapsed into a food coma while watching old episodes of Metalocalypse. Brutal. So first thing this morning, here I am getting the show done for you. My bad.

Surgyn - Sharp As Stars (Terrorlokaust)
Nothing Nada - Shining (Hiko Suzuki)
Terrorlokaust - Your Fucking Drugs (XP8)
Spektralized - Special Feeling (Mental Discipline)
VNV Nation - Tomorrow Never Comes (Reaper)
Grendel - Timewave Zero (Shiv-R)
Detroit Diesel - Black Flag
In Strict Confidence - Morpheus (Club)