Sunday, December 09, 2012
RSA 12/10/2012
Thanks to a hard drive failure, here's a show that should have been in your hands and ears last week. Unfortunately, I had a hard drive failure, and while critical stuff and archival material is safely backed up, the "current working copy" wasn't. So I lost what was a nearly complete show. But I've managed to get "back on my feet" and I've more or less recreated the show for you all!

Blakopz - Hunted
Faderhead - Zig Zag Machinery
Supercraft - Thing Called Me
Detroit Diesel - Crash And Burn (Club)
XP8 - Burning Down - (Antythesys)
Angst Pop - Odipus Rex - (Hard Corps)
Spektralized - Stardust (Supercraft)
In Strict Confidence - Tiefer (Combichrist)