Saturday, December 29, 2012
RSA 12/31/2012
A marathon of data entry at work this week allowed me the time to give 2012 a really good listen to, and coupling that with your suggestions on the FB page, I bring you the Best of 2012! These are often very difficult to do, and I even had to trim a few tracks out because we can't do doubles, but for the first time ever a band has *two* remixes in the best of for the year! Mind In A Box - Sanctuary (Interface) The Azoic - Corruption (Encoder) Spektralized - Strange Reactions (Bariuz) Metroland - Moscow Main (Sophie Watkins) Patenbrigade Wolff - Der Brigadier Trinkt Bier Assemblage 23 - The Last Mistake (Cesium 137) Grendel - Deep Waters (Aqualite) Nothing Nada - Key Of Life (Axi) Modcom - Native Love (Leaetherstrip) Espermachine - Dead Man Walking Stray - Remember Me (Interface) Mandro1d - Urban Techno Commando Real Synthetic Audio