Tuesday, January 08, 2013
RSA 01/07/2013
Woo! First new show of 2013! Usually I take this week off, but noise to the grindstone and all that! We're coming up very quickly on the 15th anniversary of RSA. People are bugging me to do something special, and I'm thinking, trying to get some ideas. I know I'll come up with something!

Unitary - Miscreation (Version)
DIE TOT COR - Madchenliebe
Kommand+Kontrol - Gods+Monsters (Club)
Technolorgy - Perverts and Whores
Pankow - Crash & Burn (Memory Lab)
Ien Oblique - A Moment With You
Emmon - Secrets & Lies
Halo Effect - Pulsar

Real Synthetic Audio