Tuesday, May 07, 2013
RSA 05/07/2013
You know, after more than 15 years I'm actually running out of things to say. Me Todd. Me play good music. You listener. You listen to show and love it. Urk Urk Urk. Thats my best monkey noise. I could probably mispronounce words in Simian languages too...

Spektralized - Children Of Tomorrow (Komor)
Unitary - Maelstrom
Cellmod - Hunting Salvation (Mangadrive)
Wynardtage - I'm Not Your God (Prayer Mix)
Mordacious - Kingdom Of Fire
Interface - It Begins Today (Single)
God Module - The Ones We Love (Parallel)
Diversant 13 - When We Are Dead (Ginger Snap5)