Sunday, January 26, 2014
RSA 01/27/2014
...and as soon as I'm done with one cold, I get hit by another. I just can't win this winter. But you guys sure can, as this weeks show comes just a wee bit early. Why you ask? Well, I'm heading south in a few days to visit with my retiree parents, so I have to have next weeks show done early. this pushes everything ahead, including your enjoyment this week! Remember, next week begins the annual membership drive! Prizes-a-plenty to be won!

Xenturion Prime - Cryoscope
Technomancer - Path Of Destruction (Re-Spektralized)
iVardensphere - Break The Sky (Tactical Sekt)
Wynardtage - Home
Suicide Commando - Unterwelt (Wynardtage)
Cryogenic Echelon - 14 N' Flawless (Gothsicles)
Mechanical Cabaret - I Lost My Friend To a Video Game
Sensuous Enemy - Intentions (2nd City)