Monday, August 25, 2014
RSA 08/25/2014
We had our very first sneak preview of a show this week, with the show being posted early to those following me on Twitter. Follow me and join in the fun! You could have gotten this great new show a day or two early! Next week I'll be posting early as its a long weekend in Canada, and I can't leave you guys hanging while I'm out having fun!

Frozen Plasma - Crazy (Simbiote)
Electrovot - Heal The Blind
Komor Kommando - Angels Do Exist (EDM Slammer)
HarmJoy - We Keep Circling (Eisfabrik)
Substaat - Electric
Nolongerhuman - Modern Narcissus
De/Vision - Brothers In Arms (Torul)
E-Craft - Fuckers & Prix (Club Instrumental)

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