Tuesday, October 21, 2014
RSA 10/20/2014
For some reason I thought that the Americans had thanksgiving this weekend. I was incorrect. I thought I had a bit of extra time. I was incorrect. So instead I came home from work today and started right in on RSA. Nothing like working on a computer all day and then coming home and doing the same!

Ginger Snap5 - Waiting For... (Pride And Fall)
Voicecoil - Vision
Labratory 5 - Awake In The Dark (Zone Tripper)
The Crystalline Effect - How I Get Out (Cellmod)
Shiv-R - Wolves
HarmJoy - Whispers And Rumours (Edit)
De'LectriX - Angst In Dir (Edit)
Aesthetische - Bittersweet (Diana S)