Tuesday, November 11, 2014
RSA 11/10/2014
How badly do I suck? Well, when I go out of my way to mention the time I played the same song twice in a show back in 2006 or so, not realizing that I'm playing a track I played the previous week. Truly, for someone who has a week to plan these things, I have sunk to new levels of crap. Now, that being said, RSA is great this week! I can only drag down things so far when the music sets the bar so high!

Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Particles Of Love (Xenturion Prime)
Imminent Violence - Before The Storm
Solitary Experiments - Stars (Patenbrigade Wolff)
Metroland - Thalys (London Edit)
Stray - Remember Me (Aesthetische)
Velvet Acid Christ - Taste The Sin
Mari Chrome - Here I Am
Voicecoil - Clear