Saturday, December 27, 2014
RSA 12/29/2014
The waiting is over. The weeks of work is over, and yes 2014 is over. Hello and welcome to the last show of 2014, where we go over what I consider to be the best tracks of the year. There are a few of your suggestions as well, and 75 minutes of great music for you to listen to on the new devices you all got for Christmas. I hope you enjoy my work, and we'll see you back here safe and sound in 2015!

Mental Discipline - Precious Paradise (Mind.In.A.Box)
Shiv-R - Wolves
Noir - The Bells (Interface)
Torul - Mad World (Rob Dust)
Dreams Divide - Room With A View
Binary Park - She's Insane (Distortion)
HarmJoy - We Keep Circling (Eisfabrik)
Information Society - Land Of The Blind (Inertia)
A Spell Inside - Kein Fleiss, Kein Preis
Seabound - Nothing But Love
Parralox - Headhunter
Ruined Conflict - Rebellion
Voicecoil - Vision
The Crystalline Effect - As Long As You Need