Friday, February 20, 2015
RSA 02/16/2015
Welcome to the third show of the annual RSA membership drive! As always, we spend the month of February panhandling, begging our listeners for money. Make sure you get in on the chance to win one of many cool prizes from both us here at RSA and from the many bands and labels that support RSA! This week a large number of new prizes arrived, courtesy of a number of generous artists. I guess I had better hit Business Depot and stock up on mailing supplies, these prizes have to get to you!

XP8 - Your Love
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Dead Enough For Life
X-RX - A to A and D to D
Unitary - Frightful (Mechatronic)
Cyferdyne - Jigsaw (Assemblage 23)
Kommand+Kontrol - Change!
Biomekkanik - Kamikaze Playboy
Decence - Care