Tuesday, April 07, 2015
RSA 04/06/2015
I've had an absolutely ruined back all weekend, and I've spent the last couple of days flat on my back with a heating pad. But no ailment shall keep me from completing RSA for all you wonderful people! But it's going to make me put off getting the RSS feed updated. I can only take so much coding at a weird angle. I can barely see my keyboard!

Mind.In.A.Box - Timelessness
X Marks The Pedwalk - Go Down
HEAD-LESS - The Deep Insight (Culture Kultur)
Deviant UK - Cracks Start To Show (Voicecoil)
Lyronian - Crisis (Club Edit)
Neuroticfish - Depend On You
iVardensphere - Terra Sapian
Spreading Point - After All (WANT-ed)